Frank's Music


Hope Returns

by Frank Smith

Released 2012
Open Tune Music
Released 2012
Open Tune Music
This is an ensemble album featuring Acoustic Guitar with Fretless Bass, Flutes, Piano and more.
Frank Smith - Acoustic Guitar
Michael Manring - Fretless Bass
Kat Epple - Flutes
Paul Speer - Electric Guitar
William Covington - Piano
This is Frank's second ensemble album. "Hope Returns" features Frank Smith's original instrumental compositions backed by Michael Manring on Fretless Bass, Kat Epple on Flutes, Paul Speer on Electric Guitar and William Covington on Piano. This is yet another expression of Frank's talents and not only as a guitarist but also shows his skills as producer and studio engineer. The CD was recorded in most part at "Open Tune Music" Studios in Naples FL. Additional tracks were added at other studios around the US.

Franks music is played daily on TV Cable Music channel, "Soundscapes" and is a regular on many radio stations. This CD features an hour of soothing music.