Gardens Of Hope

Frank Smith

Soothing instrumental acoustic and classical guitar backed up with violin, cello, English horn, fretless & fretted bass, angelical voice, percussion and more. Produced by Will Ackerman, Grammy winner and founder of Windham Hill Music.

"Gardens of Hope"

Winner of the 2007 NAR Lifestyle Music award for "Best Instrumental CD - Acoustic"

Voted #1 CD for June and July of 2007 by the NAR Top 100 Radio reports

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Produced by Will Ackerman Grammy winner and founder of Windham Hill Records

One of the most exciting new CDs to be released, “Gardens of Hope” will take you on a journey that will soothe the soul and enliven the spirit. Frank Smith is widely known for his original solo guitar performances on his first two CDs, but this newest recording separates itself by adding the texture and professionalism of many award-winning musicians who back up his acoustic and classical guitar pieces, making this an astounding three-dimensional composition.

It was the love of acoustic guitar along with the music of Will Ackerman that inspired Frank to begin a music career and later create “Gardens of Hope”. When he began exploring alternate tunings on the guitar along with using altered capos, he found the sound he had always been looking for. With the added expertise of Will Ackerman, and many other talented musical artists, “Gardens of Hope” became a reality.

Frank has received accolades in numerous publications for his performances as a Music Therapist in hospital settings as well as for his other professional performances throughout the United States.

Frank is considered a visionary because his multidimensional music weaves an emotional thread through each song he writes, lifting your spirit and making you smile. He constantly develops increasing enthusiasm for his performances which emphasizes his talent as an artist on the rise. His style of music is inspirational and will lead you on an inner journey of calmness from which you will never be the same.

“Gardens of Hope”
Frank Smith - acoustic and classical guitar featuring:

Will Ackerman – acoustic guitar and parlor guitar Michael Manring – fretless bass Jill Haley – English horn Eugene Friesen – cello Steve Schuch – violin T-Bone Wolk – fretted and upright bass Dana Cunningham – piano Noah Wilding – vocals Derrick Jordan – percussion Jeff Oster – flugel horn Jeff Pearce – ambient guitar

Special thanks to Will Ackerman and Corin Nelsen. This CD would not have been possible without the support from both of these fine professionals and outstanding friends. They both put many, many hours into helping create “Gardens of Hope “.

"Frank Smith so believes that music is a spiritual element that he left behind a lucrative life in environmental management to play his guitar in hospitals. This choice has brought comfort to others and a palpable joy in him. Frank’s music is less about flashy gymnastics than it is about heart… and his is one kind and noble heart. There are people who preach peace and kindness and there are those who quietly live it. Frank is one of those who is living it and sharing it with others."

Will Ackerman Producer, founder of Windham Hill records, recording artist, Grammy winner.

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