Frank Smith (November 2, 1950 - October 22, 2020) is an award winning guitarist, composer, and recording artist who had over 30 years in the music industry. His genre is “New Age” and his style would be best described as “Soothing”.

Frank is considered a visionary because his multidimensional music weaves an emotional thread through each song he writes, lifting your spirit and making you smile.

Frank released multiple albums throughout his career. “Gardens of Hope”, which was produced by Will Ackerman, won the NAR Lifestyle Music Award for “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” in 2007. As a follow-up “Hope Returns” was released in 2012. Frank's music is featured on multiple sampler albums, also produced by Will Ackerman. “The Gathering” won the 2012 ZAR Award for “Best Album of the Year” and “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year”. Another sampler, “The Guitar” features Frank’s music along with that of Will Ackerman, Alex De Grassi and many other greats.

Frank’s music can be found just about anywhere you listen to music, including Pandora Radio (under Frank Smith (guitarist) Radio), Spotify, (Be Sure and Click Follow) Apple Music, YouTube, CDbaby, Google, Amazon, Comcast Music Choice (Soundscapes), Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Spa Channel), and Several Commercial Airlines, just to name a few. He was voted top artist by “Soundscapes” in March 2007.

It was the love of acoustic guitar along with the music of Will Ackerman that inspired Frank to become a recording artist. It was when he began exploring alternate guitar tunings coupled with using homemade altered capos that he was able to create endless chord combinations, inspiring his song writing. With the added expertise of producer, Will Ackerman, sound engineer Corin Nelsen, and many other talented musical artists, his professional recording career became a reality.

Frank has received accolades in numerous publications for his performances as a Music Practitioner in hospital settings playing for chemo/infusion patients, as well as in rehab gyms, emergency waiting rooms, and surgical waiting rooms.

In 2018, Frank was diagnosed with stage IV gasto-esophageal junction cancer himself. He did his best to maintain a positive attitude throughout his cancer journey, which ended October 22, 2020.  Here is a link to his obituary:

"Frank Smith so believes that music is a spiritual element that he left behind a lucrative life in Environmental Management to play guitar in hospitals. This choice has brought comfort to others and a palpable joy in him. Frank's music is less about flashy gymnastics than it is about heart... and his is one of a kind and noble heart. There are people who preach peace and kindness and there are those who quietly live it. Frank is one of those who is living it and sharing it with others."        Will Ackerman, Producer, Grammy winning recording artist, founder of Windham Hill Music

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